ITAZ software products enable organizations worldwide to manage their documents and related business processes.

This has been our expertise since 1999.

Be it paper documents, MS Word or PDF files or even email messages. We build the tools to capture documents, index and organize documents and securely share documents. We provide technology to help you automate the business processes related to these documents.

Products & Services

Our products are simple to understand and easy to use. They are built to be flexible so they adapt perfectly to the ever changing needs of a growing organization. They are designed to be low maintenance, thereby reducing the cost of ownership.

Document management is an extremely important part of an organization’s day to day operation. Any query that a business has about their document management software must be responded to quickly and any issues they report must be resolved quickly. So at ITAZ we ensure that our products are backed by a knowledgeable and responsive support team. Responding to every customer query and resolving every customer issue in the shortest possible time is always a priority at ITAZ.