It has been a long journey! And there has been a lot of fun and excitement along the way! Here are some of the highlights form our history….

It all began in 1999

1999 - The Plan

ITAZ was founded in 1999 to build software products for information management
Then a lot of hard work

2000 - Custom projects to pay the bills!

While working on building our own products, we also built custom software solutions for customers around the world.
More focus

2002 - More product focus

After the success of doQuments, the company decided to focus full time on the document management software business and slowly stopped the custom software development business.

The fruits of focus

Our gamble paid off. Focusing full time on our own document management products meant better products, better customer support and more customers!
The great rewrite

Risking it all!

We decided to completely rewrite the application based on all the feedback we had received from customers around the world. Such a rewrite of a stable product is normally considered a very big risk but we decided to take the plunge and go ahead.
Better Targeting

2008 - Another market

Sensing the need for a simpler and more economical product we had simultaneously started work on another product aimed at small businesses and independent professionals.
Bigger and Better!

Both SOHODOX and GLOBODOX turned out to be a huge successes for us. ITAZ started growing like never before! We grew to thousands of customers all over the world! Apart from our traditional markets of US and Europe, we also won large customers in Far East Asia and Africa.
Yet another rewrite!

2013 - Preparing for the future

We wanted to upgrade engines behind our products to better them for future technologies. So we began a complex rewrite of the engine.
Preparing for the future...

2016 - More hard work to do

Work begins on the next generation of GLOBODOX and SOHODOX built on top of our rewritten engine. There is a LOT to come!